What is this?

Office massage is an express massage – 10 till 30 minutes. Massage is done without oils through the clothing. Office Massage can be performed in a separately designated area on a special massage chair or on a standard office chair at employees working place.


This massage is specifically designed to release muscle tension in the head, neck and shoulders, arms and back within a few minutes.

Why it is good


Reasonable price


Duration – starting from 10 minutes


Instant result


Specialist arrives at your workplace, no need to undress


Proven methodology, skilled personnel


Special massage chair, comfortable body position

In any environment!

For whom

You need this, if you are:

Manager, secretary, accountant, lawyer, businessman, security, salesman, waiter, bartender, hotel staff, police officer, officials of different services, conveyor employee, the driver, seamstress, an economist, consultant, a hairdresser, a bank employee, teacher, mechanic, telephonist, cashier, operator, programmer, marketing and advertising professional, engineer, architect.

In what situations

  • Prolonged stay in one position sitting or standing – work at the computer, at production, at conferences, exhibitions, symposiums.
  • Shift work or service when there is no possibility of recreation.
  • In order to increase the prestige of the company, organization or event – the guests and participants will live in the memory of a pleasant association with your brand.
  • Health days, sporting events, the opening of a new store on the presentation of a new product, the name day or birthday, Christmas, New Year and other holidays.
  • To create an additional motivation of employees, corporate events.

Take a break and let yourself to relax!

Step-by-step of the process

Step 1. Make a decision!

So, you decided to have a pleasant time enjoying office massage. Choose a massage option and a place – either directly at your desk, or in a separate room on a special Mobile massage chair.

Step 2. Get in touch with us!

Call – (+371) 28 133 609, or use this form and we will call you back. Describe selected massage option, say your name, address, specify the desired date and time for massage.

Step 3. Enjoy your massage

Our specialist will come to the mentioned address at the agreed time. Massage will take place on a special massage chair. As an alternative, massage can happen directly in front of your working space.

Step 4. Feel the outcome!

You will feel the flow of energy and the overall improvement of the condition from the very beginning of the session. After the massage, you will observe an increase in your motivation and you will remain in the excellent mood!

You can choose the best payment option for you, before or after the session.

You can order massage session for yourself or your colleagues, with a duration of around 10 minutes per person.

We would be extremely grateful if you share your impression with friends and leave your review about Office Massage!

Enjoy and Rejuvenate!

What does it cost

Order rules

Minimum order should be not less than 2 hours to a single address.

Special Offer!

If you order for first time 2 hours Office Massage for you and colleagues – for first hour you’ll get a 50% discount!

  1. Decide, how many employees want to try the Office Massage. For one hour you can get a massage for:
    6 people – 10 min. each,
    4 people – 15 min. each,
    3 people – 20 min. each,
    2 people – 30 min. each,
  2. Contact us by dialling +371 28 13 36 09, let us know the company name, address and preferred time.
  3. Our specialist will come to the agreed address together with a portable massage chair. Massage will require 2*2 meter width free space. Will it be in a separate room, or in an open office – is up to you.
  4. Share your feelings and impression of our service.
  5. Your loyalty and negotiations on the participation of the Office Massage in your working rhythm.

Feel the restore of your energy!

Book Office Massage right now!

    Date of visit


    And one more reason to try Office Massage!

    Employer benefits

    Office massage express session:

    • Improves concentration and attention of the employee
    • Increases productivity by 35%
    • Helps employees provide the best service to customers
    • Reduces the number of sickness days
    • Ensures effective control of stress in the workplace
    • Raises worker’s interest and overall wellbeing
    • Provides a great place to work with high moral motivation
    • Increases productivity

    Share your energy with others!

    Customer feedback

    Christina 25 years old, marketing specialist

    This is just super! I feel relaxed, just great! Some amazing energy they (specialists) are having in their hands.

    Larissa 39 years old, accountant

    I am glad that it happens in the office. I do not have to spend extra time. I can work and rejuvenate, without running somewhere. My family is thrilled that I come home from work, and I still have the energy for them.

    Līga 35 years old, Director

    I never thought that in 15 minutes you could relax and rejuvenate so well. I also like the fact that massage is done through clothing and without oil. I can afford such massage right before negotiations.

    About us

    Our team

    All of our staff have been trained to have a certificate of education of the international level and have extensive experience. We serve both individual clients and corporate and public events and groups in the workplace.

    Our partners

    Latvian companies

    Gift Cards

    We could propose for you Gift Card of ОfficeМassage for any collective and company from 3-5  to 500 people.

    Gift Card will be created with accordind to your suggestions.

    Enjoy every single day!

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